We are a next generation software development and digital marketing consultation company.

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Our mission embraces an unyielding dedication to delivering technology solutions and consultation services that streamline the process of business and increase revenues as a bottom line result.
Here is What We Offer

Mobile Application and Web Development

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a medium sized team or big studio, we create and deliver world-class products. Our goal is to help you produce the mobile applications and responsive web products you want from the start.


Strategic Planning and Project Management

We explore a myriad of approaches to achieve effective and lean project management which includes: rapid prototyping, platform strategic analysis, pivoting tactics and deployment implementation.


Marketing, Branding and Research

Tymlyn's consultation service mix is unparalleled. Our team is built to help you scale with innovative marketing activities that include new media brand integration and social media stacking which lead to user growth.

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Tymlyn Labs, Inc. boasts domain expertise in several technologies critical to small and mid-size businesses including but not limited to: E-commerce, Mobile Application Development, User Experience design, and Online Marketing & Digital Strategies.

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